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It started off like any other day, a blue sky and a soft wind blew through nicks hair as he walked back to his dorm after a full day of classes. With a sigh of relief he tossed his back pack on to his bed and turned on hi computer. "Finaly some time to relax" he thought as he loged on to CP as his alias Vital Viper. "Whats taking is so log to log me in?" he thought as he waited for the town to load in his favorite server, mammoth. -Blink-

He feels a chill in the air and realizes his computer is gone. Instead lies a land of snow, ice, and a night club. "This can't be" he thought at he realized his hands were now fins. It was real, he was really in club penguin. He reaches down and feels the patented blend of digital fiber that is his red cape, when out of nowhere *splat* a snow ball hits him over the head.

When he finally came to grip with the situation in the middle of the Night Club. He realized the music was too loud and he needed to get out quickly. Upon entering town, his cries for help were drowned out by too much penguin talk and he couldn't find any of his freinds. "Where is the find a buddy feature now," he though as he headed to his igloo.
While he was in his igloo, his freinds from Club Penguin stoped by to chat. "this is how i will escape," he ploted. "izi123izi you have to help me get home" Vital begged. "what do you mean Viper? You are home this is your igloo" answered izi. "They will never belive me" cried Vital as his last buddie ran in confusion. So now he was stranded alone in his igloo.
He decided to go to the ice rink. He did lots of goals, but at the end, he was hit in the leg by a member's hockey stick, so he went to his igloo to take care of his wound. "It shouldn't hurt this bad" he reasoned as he wraped his yellow scarf around his wound. Months passed and he went to work in driving carts in the mines. He had applied for a job at bean counters because he was so good at it when he was human he thought it would be the same. After one day and 32 anvil "accidents" later he went looking for beter employment. There was good money to be made in the mines as well as cart surfing on weekends. One day he saved up 400 coins and went to buy some well deserved clothes as well as furniture. While headed to the Sports Shop, he found a new pin that looked like a small monkey.

He took his new agent pin and tucked it away in his inventory along with his new cell phone. Vital took out the monkey pin and tossed it over his sholder in discust that he would ever wear something as tacky as that. Suddenly from behind him he hears a loud "ouch" and then a sputering cry. He turned quickly to assist the penguin who his monkey pin had inadvertantly struck. He checked the fallen penguin's player card. The penguin's name was Waitor and he was a Non member. Vital went next to Waitor and checked to if Waitor was ok. They said "Hello" and asked each other "How are you?" and proceded to talk for about 15 minutes. Then Vital explained to Waitor what happened about the monkey pin. Waitor told Vital it was no big deal because he had his mining helmet on that he had gotten from the opening of the mines. Suprised at how everything turned out waitor decided to guide Viper. Waitor taught Vital to teleport to Vital's igloo and on their way Waitor lost connection. Vital, once again alone in his igloo, cried because he thought all hope was lost. (Vital, I didn't know that you are crying so much!) Just as Vital was ready to rip his cape in half Waitor comes in with Ice Skates for Vital and for him, and they started to slide on the ice.

They started to slide from the Top of the Mountain, but Waitor fell down by a woode.
They sled and sled and sled until they saw a big black igloo.
They started to afraid because it started to be dark.
The time was 25:00 and they decided to buy an igloo in the shop.
They built their igloo and went to sleep.
In the morning they sold their igloo to the shop, and wanted to continue their sledding.
Unfortunately, while they slept, someone stole their ice skates!
They had some money for food and they couldn't slide!
They ate and then vital vomited.
They called for an ambulance.

The ambulance came very quickly to the area and took vital to Club Penguin's hospital.
The doctors said that vital's status is very hard.
They did him ten surgeries and at last he was still alive!
Vital went to work in Club Penguin until he got lots of money.
Before leaving, vital said a big thank to waitor and kept in touch with him.
In the money he earnt he bought a new Mercedes with GPS and DVD and lots of gadgets.
He drove quickly to his home.

He came home, and he forgot the key at his igloo in Club Penguin!
Because it was too late and no one was at home, he slept out of the home.
In the morning he drove very fast to Club Penguin land and started going to his igloo.
When he reached, he saw a lot of penguins in a party!
It wasn't his igloo!
He ran to the secretary and asked her for where his igloo is!
The secretary said that they destroyed his igloo and bulit a new one.
She also said that they found a key in the igloo.
Vital asked her for the key, and she gave him the key.
Vital drove again to home and a policeman stopped him.
The policeman asked him where did he live and where he is going to be.
Vital answered to the questions and asked the policeman for a map.
Vital bought the map and drove to his home.
He came home, kissed his mother, and went to sleep.
He decided that he will leave Club Penguin forever.
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